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For over 30 years, Vintage Emergency Vehicles has been the largest supplier for films, television and commercials in the Los Angeles area, and features the most comprehensively owned and operated fleet in the business. Since 1985, Vintage Emergency Vehicles has worked with all of the major motion picture and television studios such as Disney, Universal, Sony, Paramount, Warner Brothers, NBC, ABC, CBS, Jerry Bruckheimer Productions and Dreamworks. Today, our family-run business continues to be the go-to picture car company for these rare vehicles that no one else has.

Vintage Emergency Vehicles features a fully restored fleet that not only includes complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration but each vehicle is fully stocked with time period-correct equipment. There is no need to dress or stock our vehicles. All rentals come to your film location fully fueled, washed and ready for service. We own and operate vehicles from 1940 to 1977 in addition to our vast network of emergency vehicles owned by our partners.

We only rent our vehicles to bona fide film production companies. We do not rent vehicles for student films, private use, parties, parades or other non-film production situations. Customers must provide complete and valid liability and comprehensive insurance coverage as a condition of rental.

Rentals are just one phone call away. Call us and give us the chance to earn your business!

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